The class formed with students who constantly
test the limitation of human faculty to push their
capacity to maximum.

They use the skills which use their arms,
legs and body as the modern MMA (Mixed Martial Arts).

Skills using fist are really fast but the produced
damage is not critical and the leg skills are little bit
slower but produces stronger damages on the
opponent and area attack will be possible for the
energy use type.

Depending on the growth method, a character can
be raised as the fist skill type which can also use the
energy skills.
This is a class which focuses on raising
the level of concentration to maximum.

This class is called Archer but according to its
essential purpose, it uses everything that is
shaped as bow.

Archer is very strong attackers from
the distance and they have rather low HP.

The Class is fragmented by the
weapon (Pow, Dex, Int) selection. Dex
type has higher minimum damage, Pow
type has higher maximum damage and
Int type uses strong energy to dominate
the opponent.
The class formed with students who are trying
to cultivate their mind and body through the

They cannot fully prove their powers without a
sword but they are strong melee type fighters
with sword equipped.

They have strong stamina and attack power and they use
‘Sword’, ‘Blade’ and ‘Energy Sword’.

Skill types vary by the type of weapon, ‘Sword’ for DEX type,
‘Blade’ for Power type and ‘Energy Sword’ for Intelligence type
and the class ramification is made also.
This is a class which is formed by a group of
students who have strong psychokinetic power.

This is an only class which does not have
any relation to sports but they shut out
the dishonest acts of other school’s athlete

The students of this class usually
use strong attacking type sorcery
and supporting type (Healing) sorcery.

Plus, ‘Spear’, the weapon can be used to
perform spear skills with very strong attack
power and Staff’ has weaker attack power but
it is used to cast attack spells and defense spells.
However, this is a very hard to control class for the newbies.
Students figured out their strength fervently
powerful while having been trained for immense
abilities to control the war.

They haven't only mastered all the classes' skills, but learned
here and outer world to purify and prevent our world against enemies.

They are now awakened together with their abilities. They can
use all types of existing weapons. As a guru of skills, their
choices can be varied among Melee, Shooting, Magic,
and Self reinforce.
Even they can combine and utilize all the classes'
skills dependent on what they want to be. Link skills
are one of the most enormous and dominant features
of Extreme Class.

Plus, they can equip with an exclusive weapon, the Fist, for a special purpose.
The Fist enables Extreme class to cast all types of skills from all classes and
to show why enemies should be afraid of them.
This is the class which is formed by Dr. TK the
greatest researcher of Saint Foundation.
Students who want to train this class should
have an IQ more than 200.

Scientist student divided into three categories
Chemistry, Biology and Physics. Each subsidiary
class has their own characteristic and use
different weapon Gun, Rail gun and Portal Gun.

Skill of DEX class has a wide range so you can kill so
many mobs in one time. POW has a skill to stop your
enemy from using potion and skill to attack. It’s
suitable for the user who likes PVP. And INT has
so many skills to summon a mob and help you fight.
Cold Hearted secret agents who had to become the
darkness in order to fulfill their duties are the masters
of many weapons but they specialize in the
three rare weapons.

First, the POW types of assassins who are skilled in
PvE battles use Scythe to wipe out multi targets
faster. Second, the DEX type assassins who are
skilled in PvP battles use Dual Spear for insanely
fast attacks.

Last, the INT type assassins are well-balanced between
PvE and PvP battles and they have chosen
Shuriken to fight. All of these weapons make them
more deadly with the original assassin skills to
disappear, hide and raid against enemies.
Magician class possesses spiritual powers
and these are used in defeating their enemies easily.

This class can use 3 types of weapon and can
choose one to specialize in. POW types use Whip (Rope)
as their main weapon and they summon
animals to protect them and help them with hunting.
DEX types use Cube as their main weapon and they
summon mystery boxes to attack enemies with area
of effect (AOE) damage attacks. INT types use Magic
Wand as their main weapon and they create
illusions to distract their enemies.

Magician class has attack and defense power which
can cause chaos during PvP and PvE, so playing this
class requires high control ability.
Shaper class has decided to come out
from hiding to assist the current other
classes who need their unique power and abilities.

These unique abilities are very useful in combat.

The DEX Shaper use shields as weapon,
the POW Shaper use Hammers,
and the INT Shaper use Umbrellas.

Each type have their own unique abilities and
are very strong despite their ambiguous appearances.

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