It has been 18 years...

The prophecy was discovered from the old testament of book of East Shaman's realm. And it said...

'The face of vague side of Helios, and when he engulfed by the limpid dark crown, the enormous giant's head will fall from the hand of red dark halo. And thusly will hear the smoldering debris from the young's cry, while the land has been punished."

Master T.K, who was a geomancer and a feng shui master, has been investigated last 18 years on east shaman's prophecy. Later after, he was able to translate the prophecy, and he ascertains the fact that it was refer to the beginning of world's downfall. He has been tried convince, and warn people to prepare for the new crisis for mankind. And yet it was feeble argument.

Then apocalypse has begun. A terrible solar eclipse plunged the skies of the world, and a vicious torrent of meteors was falling to the ground. The sky was glimmering in red dark light cause by the vaguely solar flare.

It was the god's punishment for our judgment day.

Years later, the mysterious organization known as the SFG (Saint Foundation Group) appeared, and has been controlled the power over the world since two years ago. The supreme power of SFG eventually established four unique institutes. Sacred Gate, Mystic Peak, Phoenix, and Leonair, these institutes only accepted the most creative and strong students, who were protected by under the SFG's custody. The institutes were highly respected from the sight of the world, although disturbing truths of rumors have begun to appear.

Later, the SFG's project called 'Shaman's mayhem', the subject that has been kept in secret, was dealing with inducing life substance from the other side of the world. And thus, according to SFG, it's the new hope for the saving the critical circumstance of the current nature. Then finally, they have been accomplished the result, and it was the biggest mistake of mankind.

Collateral balance of world dimension has been broken. The unknown side of the world, the biggest speculation brought the world into massive, and beyond all bearing tragedy. The force of unusual nature influence was changing people to genetically modify. And the bizarre behavior of majority of people is bringing the world into the major downfall.

And now...

There aren't many acknowledgeable human being left...

You are the one of few hopes, who can bring our new future.
You have to join the one of SFG institutes to find out the truth,
and to fight against the desperate reality...


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